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1.what does the speaker unit configuration of the EA1 have?
The horn unit of EA1 is 10mm fully beryllium plated single moving coil, and the entire diaphragm is beryllium plated with a smoother medium and high frequency connection, the thin, light and rigid metallic beryllium ensures very low sound distortion,which mixed with the excellent middle and high frequency analysis of EA1.At the same time, the magnet structure is a dual magnetic circuit structure of internal and external dual magnets, with a high magnetic flux close to 1 Tesla, which brings a strong driving force.The excellent speed sense and transient response also make a excellent low frequency performance completely of the EA1.
2.How is EA1 sound tuning style?What type of music is suitable for listening?
EA1 is a popular tuning style.Three frequency smooth, low frequency dynamic and transient excellent, warm and sweet voice, high frequency analysis.Suitable for most music styles, especially pop music.
3.Is the EA1 easy to drive? Could they be driven by average cellphones?
The EA1 has low impedance yet high sensitivity. With 106dB sensitivity, it can be easily driven by average cellphones.
4.How to choose the right ear tips for EA1?
The maximum size of EA1's sound tube is 5.8mm. So it's recommended to use ear tips whose inner diameter is between 4~5mm.
5.What's the material of EA1?
Based on a number of ear data sampling combined with digital modeling technology, we have made the EA1 even more like a custom IEM for truly excellent comfort. It came out with a shape that more closely follows the shape of the human ear, allowing everybody to put on the EA1 more easily and wear it more stably for longer periods of time.
6.What's the color of EA1? Will it be any different colors?
EA1 is available in black.There may be more colors version in the future, and please pay clost attention to our official news.
7.Is EA1 comfortable to wear?
According to a large number of human ear data sampling, EA1 combined with digital modeling technology, designed the auricle shape that fits the human ear better. The structure of the elbow into the ear fits the auricle naturally, integrating the comfort and stability of the ear into one, and realizing long-term wear for daily use.
8.Is EA1 with detachable cable? What's the connector of it?
EA1 supports wire changing with a standard 0.78mm double - needle interface.
9.What's the accessories of EA1?
The accessories of the EA1 include a cable with the High purity single crystal copper plated silver wire with 3.5mm plug, 2 sets of eartips (Balanced, Bass), headphone storage bag*1。
10.What's the material of EA1's included headphone cable ?
EA1 standard wire is 4 strands of high purity anoxic single crystal copper plated silver wire with Leeds structure, the total number of 4 strands of wire core is up to 96, better conductivity, detail analysis step by step in place.The interface adopts the standard 0.78mm double-needle exchangeable wire structure, and the plug is standard 3.5mm single-end.At the same time we have 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm plug 4 single crystal silver high-end upgrade line for sale, welcome to buy.
11.How to tell which one is the right/left channel?
The headphone is distinguished by L/R identification in the interface bit.In addition to the printed word L/R at the double pin plug, L is blue and R is red for color discrimination.Please correspond to LR color when replacing wire.
12.How to exchange the headphone cable of EA1?
First of all, the standard 0.78 double-needle connector wire must be selected. When inserting and unplugging, pay attention to the vertical insertion and unplugging, and install with L/R color.
13.What's the difference between different eartips?
Both of the red and black eartips are bass eartips which are better to perform low frequency. Whereas the pure black one is balanced eartips. The actual sound quality would be vary among different listeners. You can refer to the audition.
14.Why not use the MMCX interface

MMCX and 0.78 two-pin interface have their own advantages and disadvantages. We also have other headphones with MMCX interface, which can be purchased according to your needs.