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1.How to connect the XC3 to new devices?

【Pairing mode】
With blue and red lights flashing alternately, it means it is in pairing mode. Note that the first time you turn on th power or clear the pairing information, the XC3 will automatically enter the pairing mode.

【How to connect to new devices】
1.Ensure the XC3 is in pairing mode: long press the play/pause button for 5s to enter pairing mode with blue and red indicator lights flashing alternatively.
2.Enter Bluetooth Settings on your phone, choosing the XC3 to complete the connection.

1. If it fails to connect, try to clear the pairing information and then connect again: hold both the volume- and volume+ buttons at the same time when it is on. The XC3 will turn off automatically and restart again. Then the connection would be making after these operations.
2. Ensure the phone device is scanning a Bluetoooth device, for certain phones need a manual scan operation. If it still fails to connect, it is suggseted to turn off the Bluetooth function on the phone and reopen it again.
3. Ensure the the phone device is making connections to the XC3. If it is connecting to another Bluetooth devices, you have to cut the connection first.

2.Why can't XC3 be paired and connected to my phone?

【Clear the pairing information on your phone】Go to Settings-Bluetooth to delete the XC3 pairing information and reconnect it to XC3.

【Clear the pairing information on XC3】When it is on, hold both the volume- and volume+ buttons at the same time until the indicator lights stops flashing. Restart it and then trry to make the connection again.

【Reset operation】Long press the play/pause button for 10s at any time.

3.The materials and accessories of the XC3.

【Materials】The XC3 is textured with an aluminum alloy body and a double-sided 2.5D glass on the front and back, and 6H hardness which competes the scratch hardness resistance of iphone's touch screen and would not be easily scratched during normal use. Please avoid mixing your XC3 with sharp metal objects such as keys. Besides,its rear clip is made of ABS material.

【Accessories】a USB Type-C cable, a rear clip, a lanyard, a manual and warranty Card, a Bluetooth Instruction manual

4.Can the XC3 work as a DAC for the computer, and how?

The XC3 can be connected to a computer and work as a DAC, which supports the sampling rate up to 48K/16b.
Use any USB TYPE-C cable to connect the XC3 to a computer. Once the XC3 is on, it would automatically work as the USB DAC mode.

It is prior as USB DAC . Therefore, when the XC3 is working in both Bluetooth audio and USB DAC outputs at the same time, it would take the USB DAC output as the priority. By connectig it to the app the output modes can be selected in the settings menu.

5.Does the XC3's USB DAC support mobile phones? Will my phone be reversedly charged after it is connected?

Relating devices: Android phone+CL06/LT-TC1+XC3
1.It is suggested to use the FiiO Music app, with the USB selection on;
2.Ensure the USB testing mode is working on the Developer Options;
3.Ensure the cable is an official OTG CL06 or LT-TC1. If the XC3 is charged by the phone, you can go to Settings on FiiO Music app, turning the charging switch to off;
4.For the reson that there is no standard USB Audio specifications between different brands of phones, which might cause the compatibility issue. If it fails by following the above instructions, you can try another phones.

iPhone not support.

6.How to use the aptX HD/LDAC?

The high-quality Bluetooth encoding format needs the support of the transmitter first(such as mobile phone), and then you need to correctly select the corresponding encoding format (some mobile phones can set the Bluetooth encoding format in the developer options, but different mobile phone's settings are different, please consult the mobile phone Vendor's customer service for more information)

iPhone devices are limited within AAC and SBC formats so that the Bluetooth codecs could not be switched. Normally it is defaulted as AAC, and SBC in phone calls.

7.How to set up XC3 in FiiO Music app?

Here is steps to set up XC3 in FiiO Music app:
 1. FiiO Music app should be also updated to the latest version first;
 2. When FiiO Music app is already the latest version, enter the settings of the app, click "Bluetooth device control" to find XC3->click "connect". After the connection is successful, it will enter the Bluetooth control interface.
8.About the standby function and the battery life.
【Stand-by function】
No playback and operation means the XC3 is in stand-by mode after connecting. When there is no connection, it would automatically turn off after about 2min(you can choose the working time in the APP's settings). Its battery life is about 300 hours in idle status.

【Battery life】
With a built-in li-polymer battery, its battery capacity is 330mAh. Under low gains mode in AAC codec, it can continue to work for 11hours with merely 1.5-hour charging time.
LDAC priority would allow a battery life for about 8 hours ; LDAC standard for about 9 hours; LDAC connection priority for about 11 hours; aptX for about 9 hours.

9.Why does the volume of the mobile phone not change when the BTR5 adjusts the volume?

1.There is a memory function within the XC3 so that it can automatically adjust the volume.

2. We have deliberately designed the volume adjustment of the XC3 out of sync with the mobile phone which makes it possible to adjust the volume in a more precise level and avoid many problems.

What the mobile phone can adjust is the the volume of the Bluetooth codec. If its volume is too small, the dynamic effect would be affected. While the XC3 controls the volume of decoding and amplification which can decrease the loss of the sound quality.
Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the volume of the phone to the maximum, and control the volume by the XC3.

10.The XC3 can connect to two devices at the same time.

The XC3 can simultaneously connect to two mobile phones. Note that it can only output signals for one device at a time.

【How to use this function】
1. When the XC3 is connected to Device1, long press the play button to enter pairing mode again. Search for XC3 in Device2 and then make the connection.
2. Go to the Bluetooth settings in Device 1, clicking the XC3 for reconnection. Or turn off the XC3 and turn it on again. At this time it can reconnect to two devices at the same time.

【When connecting to two devices and playing music at the same time, there would be sound collapse?】
Please avoid playing in both devices at the same time. If the two devices are playing music at the same time, the space and resources on the XC3 would be occupied, because at this time the XC3 is receiving two signals simutaneously but with the priority to the current playing device. Therefore it would cause the problem of sound cutting.
Additionally, it is normal that the music having the collapse issue when switching the playback in the two devices.

11.Does the XC3 support in-line remote and the microphone function?

【In-line remote】
In-line remote control is not supported. Headphones with in-line remote function can be used to listen to music only, while the remote function and the microphone are not available.

【Microphone recording】
Android-based cellphones can normally use WeChat,Wechat calls, QQ voice and QQ calls.
The phone microphone is used when taking videos, using QQ voices and Wechat voice. It depends on different systems of mobile phones.
iOS system only supports WeChat voice, calls and QQ calls with the microphone of XC3. If taking a video, the phone mircophone is used.

12.What adapter is suggested to use?

The XC3 does not support fast charging. It is suggested to use common 5V/2A adapters.

13.lustrations about the Bluetooth

【Bluetooth signal】
Detailed information can be refered to the Bluetooth Instruction Manual. The XC3 suooprts high-bit-rate and high-definition signal transmission, which would relatively shorten the transmission distance. This is a normal phenomenon and it is still an excellent work compared to other devices in the market.

【Signal delay issue】
1.The delay phenomenon is a common issue under the limitation of the current technology which is not clear if listening to music. In different codecs, the delay time would be varied. The XC3 supports low-delay aptX LL format within 40s delay. For other codec formats, the delay time would be about 100s.
2. Whether there will be update may rely on the update of the codec format.

14.EQ is invalid under XC3's LDAC. Is it a hardware defect or a software problem?

There are preset EQ of pop, blues, classic, jazz, rock, dance, metal and vocal within. It also supports to adjust the EQ by users themselves though ten frequency bands from 20Hz to 20kHz independently from -12 to +12 dB for users' preference.

①Third-party music apps could also use the EQ adjustment if it is the function of XC3.
②If it indicates that the EQ is invalid, you can turn on the EQ switch and reboot the XC3 to activate the EQ function.

【EQ invalid in LDAC codec】
It is not a hardware defect. Since the audio processing of LDAC is more special than other Bluetooth formats, we are still doing related debugging, and striving to achieve the same effect as other Bluetooth formats, but it will take a certain amount of time.

15.The sound quality is bad when playing games. Is it possible to improve it later?

The poor game Bluetooth voice quality is due to the game apps and mobile phone system. When playing games on mobile phones, it will switch to mono mode, and the sound quality would be even worse. Basically it has nothing to do with the XC3.

16.Can I use the original USB-C cable of my Macbook to charge and for DAC?

We can use dual TYPE C cable connecting to Macbook and MacbookPro for charging as well as USB DAC output. Because the original wire material is too long which would slow the recognition down. When the cable is  not recognized, you can unplug it and insert again.

When connecting to the computer in USB DAC mode, you can find that the audio output device appears FiiO XC3. With the white light on, the sound can be output.
It is recommended to use FiiO LT-TC1, a double-end TYPE-C cable, which can be perfectly matched with the charging box data function of your MacbookPro. What's more, it can also be charged by connecting the PD charger.